Asus N75 series Disassembly Guide

Be careful and do it step by step.

Βεβαιωθείτε ότι ο φορητός υπολογιστής είναι απενεργοποιημένος.

Unplug all the USB connectors and storage card in the slot.

Let’s see all the stuff I’ll use to disassemble the laptop.

And a double-coating tape.

Αφαιρώ 2 βίδες (size A) on the bottom cover.

Pry it up. It’s a little tight.

The air intake of the bottom cover looks like this.

The disassembly of the bottom cover is quite easy.

The steps are listed as follows:

1. 7 screws of F size.

2. Αφαιρέστε τον σκληρό δίσκο, the memory chips and the optical drive.

3. 4 screws of A size (12 on total).

4. 2 screws of C size.

5. 7 screws of D size (7 on total).

6. 2 screws of K size (2 on total).

4 screws of A size.

Then we are going to remove the Speaker cover. I think this is the hardest part.

The trick is to lift it up bit by bit. Do not pull/push too hard. Crowbar is really useful.

Three screws on the keyboard.

There are cable behind the keyboard. So don’t pull/push too hard.

6 βίδες (C size) under the keyboard.

Then remove the cover. Start from 1 and pry up the clips in order.

Now we can access the back of the motherboard. There are many screws and I didn’t shot them clear.

Just unscrew them one by one and put them in order.

The main size of these screws are K size, C size, silver gray screw securing the louder speaker and 2 screws securing the fan.

And first remove the small USB card on A board, and then left louder speaker, screw on the left of E which securing the screen next and screw on motherboard B.

Then we can remove the motherboard.

Remove the screws securing the copper pipe and wipe out the remained silica gel with clean cloth.

Do not touch CPU and GPU with your hand. You can wear gloves or finger stall.

Don’t smear too much thermal grease, once it can cover the metal and that’s enough.

Try to smear smoothly.

Let’s have a look at the double-coating tape.

After all the steps, we can reassemble the laptop.

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