Disassembly Guide for Asus FX50JX/K550JX/W50JX/X450/X550/K550

This guide will show you how to disassemble Asus FX50JX/K550JX/W50JX/X450/X550/K550.

And this guide mainly explains the disassembly procedure through pictures.

I’ve marked every steps in detail.

Make sure you’ve cut of the power supply and turn off the laptop before you start.

And classify all the screws in different size to ensure no mistake.

Different size of screws are marked in different color.

Αφαιρέστε όλες τις βίδες στο κάτω κάλυμμα, and then remove C cover as the direction shows.

Be careful with the ribbon wires.

Remove the ribbon wires as the picture shows.

Now we can access the motherboard. All marked screws need to be removed.

Above picture was shot after I’ve removed all the small parts.

We need to remove battery, σκληρός δίσκος, and optical drive and memory chips.

Επίσης, remove those cables below.

Remove the I/O card cable on the hard drive.

Remove the Wi-Fi network cable.

Remove the screen cable and power cable.

Now we can remove the motherboard

Ξεφορτώστε την κάρτα δικτύου Wi-Fi

Remove all the marked screws and take out the fan.

The fan cable connecting to the motherboard needs to be removed too.

Afterwards, we can remove CPU.

Turn the non-removable screw here about 180 degrees counter-clockwise to loosen the CPU. Squeeze the vacuum handling pump on the CPU and use it to lift CPU away.

Then remove screen.

Remove the screws on the lower left and lower right of the screen.

Then remove B cover as the picture shows.

Αποσυνδέστε το καλώδιο οθόνης.

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