Disassembly Guide for HP Compaq 510

In this post I’ll explain how to disassemble HP Compaq 510.

Πριν ξεκινήσεις:

1. Prepare necessary tools.

2. Eliminate static electricity in time (You can wash your hands).

3. When you encounter difficulties, think more instead of blindly do.

Βήμα 1

Αφαιρέστε την μπαταρία, optical drive, μνήμη, hard drive and Wi-Fi network card.

Notice that the screws marked in same color are of same size.

Remember well their positions and size to simplify the reassembly.

Βήμα 2

Remove the switch control panel and remove the keyboard.

Watch out the screws securing it and the cables under it.

After we remove them. We can see:

Αφαιρώ 4 βίδες που συγκρατούν την οθόνη. Notice their size.

Βήμα 3

Βήμα 4

After we disassemble the motherboard, we’ll remove and clean the fan.

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