How to Disassemble ASUS K53 series

Σε αυτόν τον οδηγό, I’ll disassemble an Asus K53

Make sure the laptop is turned off before you start taking it apart

Ξεκλειδώστε την μπαταρία και πιέστε το μάνταλο απελευθέρωσης

Αφαιρέστε την μπαταρία

Unscrew all the screws (marked with red circle) on the bottom cover and put them in order

Pry the cover marked with yellow oval with a little force

After open the memory cover, remove the screw below and then unplug the motherboard power connector and the antenna.

Remove the screw after open the hard drive cover and take out the hard drive.

Then remove the optical drive and screws under it

The memory chips, the hard drive and the optical drive have been removed

Στη συνέχεια, αφαιρέστε το πληκτρολόγιο. Watch out, do not unplug the black cover marked with yellow oval.

Just lift it up and that’s enough.

Keep removing screws and unplug the connector

Remove the screw securing the motherboard and unplug the cable

Finally we can remove screws securing the fan, remove the fan and do some cleaning

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