How to Disassemble ThinkPad E50

Σε αυτόν τον οδηγό, I’ll disassemble a ThinkPad E50, upgrading CPU and cleaning the fan.

Βεβαιωθείτε ότι ο φορητός υπολογιστής είναι απενεργοποιημένος.

And here’s i5-560M CPU I bought to replace the old i3-380M.

My screwdrivers set for disassembly.

Remove the battery first.

To remove the bottom cover, we need to remove the red and yellow screws marked below.

Unload D side, we can replace CPU, memory chips and hard drive without removing the keyboard.

Notice that the screws marked in yellow cannot be removed, just loosen them.

Be careful with the clips during the disassembly.

Then let’s remove the radiator. The fan cable needs to be removed in advance.

Then clean the radiator. It’s too dirty so I just wash it with water. If you want to do it this way, make sure to air-dry it

Then wipe out the old silica gel. The gap between the graphics card and the radiator is large, so it is equipped with grease pad. Leave it alone or replace or with silver sheet.

I left some scratches while cleaning. Fortunately it’s still available. So I recommend clean it with rigid card or fingernails, in which will not scratch the Copper.

Then remove the old CPU. Unscrew half rotation with a straight screwdriver, we can easily remove CPU.

Notice the triangular mark on the corner of CPU. And place the new one according to the mark.

Tighten it half rotation in reverse direction, and the new one is secured.

Then we need to smear new silica gel and install the radiator.

Try to smear it thinly and evenly. It’s better to fulfill the gap between radiator and CPU with the grease.

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