Lenovo ThinkPad X200 Fan Cleaning

Σε αυτόν τον οδηγό, I’ll disassemble A ThinkPad X200 and show you how to do the fan cleaning.

You can disassemble ThinkPad X Series according to this guide.


1. Before we start cleaning, αφαιρέστε την μπαταρία.

2. Remove memory chips, hard drive and optical drive in order.

3. Place the removed screws in order.

4. Watch out for the cables while remove the keyboard.

5. Do not use too much force while cleaning the fan.

6. It’ll do no good to the dissipation to smear too much thermal grease.

είναι αρκετά ζεστό μετά από πολλή ώρα:

And the laptop we want to disassemble.


Remove the battery first.

And the memory chips.

Remove screws on the cover.

Take a look at 2GB DDR3 memory chips.

It’s easy to remove the memory chips.

Just loosen the clips on the sides and unplug.

The hard drive compartment of this laptop is a little secluded. But there is clear icon show the potion.

Remove the screws and the clips, we can access the hard drive.

After remove the hard drive cover, just pull the black tape and we can remove the hard drive.

The memory chips and the hard drive.

Afterwards, remove all the securing screws on the D side cover in order.

Then we can remove the keyboard.

We can easily remove the keyboard after we remove the screws.

Unplug the keyboard cable while remove the keyboard.

Then remove the palm rest with a little force.

Take a look at the fan.

Then we need to disassemble the stand securing the motherboard and the ribbon wire.

Unplug the screen cable and other cables.

And now the motherboard can be removed.

Unscrew the screws securing the fan so that we can clean it.

Unplug the power cable of the fan.

Remove the screws on the fan.

Brush the dust on the fan and the heat pipe.

After that, we can reassemble all the parts.

Tighten the screws on D side.


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