Sony MBX-235 M932 Motherboard Replacement Guide.

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On the front, lower, σωστά, of my laptop/notebook the model reads VPCF1. On the Back, The main Sony model is PCG-81115L and the specific model is VPCF13YFX. What is interesting is that the PCG-81115L had 5 different screens depending on the model and specs.

My screen has a resolution of 1600 Χ 900 pixels. The steps outlined here are for my specific model with the understanding that you must set things up to match your specific original motherboard (ΜΒ).

The quick version of the back-story is as follows. My computer started having issues where the screen would just go black. Sometimes it would take 3 hours and other times 30 λεπτά. No warning, no beeps and the HDD would stay on. As that got worse it morphed into a start-up issue where the black screen came right after booting up. Then it wouldn’t even boot.

After checking the memory and multiple other issues it seemed the motherboard that was at fault. Since the computer didn’t work and I had nothing to lose, I did a home oven reflow. Look it up on YouTube. Amazingly that worked but not long-term. And melted parts off the motherboard. Time for a new one.

After 2 months the computer started having the same issues. I decided I needed to do the reflow with a little more time and a few more degrees. I am pretty sure this would have worked if I had done it right. The problem was I set the oven wrong and melted parts off the motherboard. Time for a new one and melted parts off the motherboard.

Not all sellers know how these are to be installed and there are some issues that can be overcome with a bit of extra knowledge. The first seller quit responding after the motherboard didn’t work so I had to get a refund. Luckily the second seller I used dug a little deeper and found one of the clues that helped get my computer up and running with one additional step after what they told me.

If you are reading this you should be comfortable removing and replacing the motherboard. There are videos on YouTube showing the process. The issue I had was the newer motherboard was not the exact numbers as my old one. Even though I was told they will work fine it didn’t. But the reason it didn’t work was due to some settings and not the motherboard.

The motherboard sent is a: M932 Main Board


8 Layer Rev: 1.1


With the # on memory slot being: A1796418C

My original is a: M932 Main Board


8 Layer Rev: 1.1


With the # on memory slot being: Α1796418Β

Look closely and you will see 2 differences in the numbers. The one sent is a 7J00 and has a C on the memory slot and mine is a 7500 with a B. I was certain this was the issue. It turns out it did work but not until I did the following.

For this SONY motherboard, there is a screen switch on the board, which controls the external display and internal display.

You must turn off the laptop completely. Turn it off. Remove the power cable.

Remove the battery and hold the power button in for 30 seconds to remove any residual energy.

Find your old motherboard, and find the screen switch (circled in the below picture), and see how it is set on your old motherboard, (the switch has 1234 τυπωμένο σε αυτό). Find the screen switch in your new motherboard, and set the switch so it is exactly the same as the old motherboard.

The image is from the email received after almost 2 weeks of back and forth with the seller:

So I took a look at my old, over-baked motherboard and found the screen switch. 1, 2, και 4 were to the right and 3 was to the left. ONLY use the settings as they are for YOUR old motherboard.

They look like this on mine:

If you already have the motherboard in place there is access to the switch once you take the keyboard out. You don’t even have to take the bottom cover off. To remove the keyboard take the upper third of the screws out of the bottom cover and remove the media button cover. The keyboard will come out if you gently lift it and then pull toward the screen using the upper left corner of the keyboard. Once you have that out you will see the switch:

It is just above center in the above image. Then set the switches to match:

Once you have the switch set and the computer back together you need to boot into safe mode with networking. Once in safe-mode go to Control Panel > Device Manager > Απεικόνιση > Your Chip and update the driver. Let it find what it needs and install.

That should work and save you a ton of back and forth.

Good Luck

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