Taking Apart Asus A555LP/K555LP/F554LP/R557LP/A555LF

In this guide I’ll explain how to disassemble Asus A55LP/K555LP/F554LP/R557LP/A555LF.

Αφαιρέστε όλες τις βίδες στο κάτω κάλυμμα. Then we can remove C cover, Απενεργοποιήστε τον φορητό υπολογιστή πριν ξεκινήσετε.

Pry up C cover with a crowbar as the direction shows.

Watch out the ribbon wires.

Remove the ribbon wires as the picture shows.

Then remove the battery.

Πώς να αποσυναρμολογήσετε το Asus N71JQ.

Αφαιρέστε τον σκληρό δίσκο.

Remove the cables and carefully take out the motherboard.

Remove the Wi-Fi network cable.

Remove all the screws securing the motherboard.

Unload the motherboard.

Then unload the radiator module.

Then we need to be very careful.

We need to separate D side cover with the screen.

After that, let’s press the revolving axis cover and move it to the right. Disassemble it.

Then remove the screen.

Pry up the screen with crowbar as the direction shows. Hold it steady.

Then remove 4 screws on the screen and the screen cable.

Γύρισέ το.

Now we can remove the cable.

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